السير الذاتية الخاصة بـ doa3

  1. الصورة
    عنوان السيرة الذاتية
    مهندسة كيميائية و بيئية

    A very dedicated and enthusiastic professional who has a high studies Diploma in Environmental Engineering . Has an addition gained knowledge and experience as the Chemical Engineer. Is recognized to have excellent innovation skills to solve problems through a logical approach. Possesses the ability to build key relationships both internally and externally which has brought success in all activities of the project management cycle.
    A highly motivated professional who has gained a high studies Diploma in Environmental Engineering at the Cairo University, with Bsc. of Chemical Engineering at the Cairo University .Is able to build and maintain relationships at all levels through displaying strong interpersonal and problem solving skills which has brought added value in projects undertaken.
    A confident and competent professional, who has been awarded a Bsc. of Chemical Engineering & high studies Diploma in Environmental Engineering. Through previously holding positions as a Chemical & Environmental Engineer has gained invaluable experience in water & wastewater treatment which has been complemented by an on-going role as a solid waste management engineering experience (biogas production) and air pollution treatment. Easily builds and maintains relationships which have been proven with consultants and has brought success in all project management initiatives.

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