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    عنوان السيرة الذاتية
    Quality Control & Assurance , ضبط جودة وتأكيد الجودة الشامله , مراقب جودة

    Improve the performance of the facility with all the efforts made to raise the efficiency of production and efficient management of quality and work under a specific policy to be dependent on the customers and consumers of the product focus of the facility. Check all the raw materials. Planning manufacturing steps . Measuring and inspection of the final products . Stores control and shipping operations and storage (HACCP) . Preparation of statistical process control (SPC) with health conditions and confirmation of the production of the laws . Tracking the quality of each manufacturing process and efficiency. Establish standards for food article with the identification of ways to conduct tests and determine the date of registration with the sampling results and write a daily report. (note that the samples taken certain grounds for acceptance or rejection) .. Screening system depends on the nature of the material, size. History in order to avoid any risk .Taking into account the time and resources necessary to conduct (GMP, CIP, House Keeping) . Maintaining product quality at a safe limit accepted by the consumer. Ensure conformity with standard specifications and legislative bodies issued by the official (ISO). Reduce the probability of damage or corruption of the product. While reducing the cost of production . Increase the value of production and therefore its ability to sell .

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