Mahmoud fhmy fahim
7Mohamed Ibrahim St, Ain shams, Cairo
Mob Number: 01141618263
Other Mob Number: 01010813344
Expected Salary: Negotiable
Date of birth: 14 November 1990
Military service: completed
Marital status: single

السير الذاتية الخاصة بـ mahmoudfhmy

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    عنوان السيرة الذاتية

    Hard worker professional with 3 years of experience in Accountants “Accounts Receivable &Accounts Payment &
    Cash& Expenses& Inventory” and looking forward a position in corporation that has a talented team work and a vision for future, where can utilize my executive skills, gain experience, improve my skills, and adding value to the corporation through achieving its short terms and strategic goals, apply my academic background & achieved experience in the area of financial accounting

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