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Improve the performance of the facility with all the efforts made to raise the efficiency of production and efficient management of quality and work under a specific policy to be dependent on the customers and consumers of the product focus of the facility. Check all the raw materials. Planning manufacturing steps . Measuring and inspection of the final products . Stores control and shipping operations and storage (HACCP) . Preparation of statistical process control (SPC) with health conditions and confirmation of the production of the laws . Tracking the quality of each manufacturing process and efficiency. Establish standards for food article with the identification of ways to conduct tests and determine the date of registration with the sampling results and write a daily report. (note that the samples taken certain grounds for acceptance or rejection) .. Screening system depends on the nature of the material, size. History in order to avoid any risk .Taking into account the time and resources necessary to conduct (GMP, CIP, House Keeping) . Maintaining product quality at a safe limit accepted by the consumer. Ensure conformity with standard specifications and legislative bodies issued by the official (ISO). Reduce the probability of damage or corruption of the product. While reducing the cost of production . Increase the value of production and therefore its ability to sell .


• University Of Khartoum – Faculty of Technological and Development Studies, In : Food Technology – Diploma – 2006 .
• University Of Omdurman Islamic – Faculty of Science & Technology, Bachelor Of Science (BSc.) In : Nutrition & Food Technology – 2014 .


1) Baraka Sweets Factory, As Quality Controller Sept 2007 – Oct 2008.
 Conduct the necessary tests (taking a random sample) input of raw materials in the manufacturing (acceptance or rejection).
 Implementation and monitoring of good manufacturing processes at all stages of manufacturing (GMP). With conducting the necessary tests in both the manufacturing process to make sure they conform to the required specification (HACCP).
 Commitment to clean manufacturing unit, machines and personal hygiene (CIP & HOUSE KEEPING).
 Storage of the final product in the appropriate places (Clean and Healthy).
2) Aletifag Development & Services CO.LTD, Feb 2009 – Feb 2010.
 Employee in the administration.
 Follow-up sales supervisors.
 Receive Customers and give them all the required information’s
 Review complaints with the provision of quick and appropriate solutions.
3) DAL Food Industries Company LTD – DFI (Coca Cola) , Jan 2012 –To Present .
Job Description:
1. Responsible for production of high quality product ( QA & QC ).
• Perform all quality control tests specified in the carbonated quality control manual.
• Responsible for monitoring and perform QC tests of treated water analysis.
• Responsible for monitoring and perform QC tests of CO2 self-generating plant and for monitoring aspects of boiler units.
• Responsible for monitoring and perform QC tests of the finished syrup preparation from the sugar stage to the finished syrup.
• Responsible for monitoring the running production lines both returnable glass and PET and perform QC tests of the finished product.
 Make sure those production lines clean and sterile and ready to manufacture the product (CIP).
• Responsible for laboratory equipments calibration.
• Responsible for strict follow up of sanitations and perform QC tests on processing equipment and production machinery.
• Responsible for Incoming inspection of raw materials and monitoring and perform the containers tests as required & monitoring visual inspectors rotation & attitude.
• Organize efficient start-up and shutdown procedures where required
• Responsible for preparation of chemical solutions for the laboratory tests .
2. Microbial Responsibilities if needed :
• Responsible for sampling of the well water and detection of the presence of Coli form & Bacteria.
• Responsible for sampling and detection of the efficiency of water treatment plant by detection of presence of any microorganisms.
• Responsible for sampling and detection of :
o Bottle washer water in all production lines.
o Water mixer in all production lines.
o Rinse water of PET line.
• Responsible for follow up the microbial results and identification of the type of microorganisms.
3. House Keeping :
• Monitoring and follow-up quality and make sure it has good manufacturing Practical (GMP).
• Responsible for the supervision of the cleanliness of the production areas.
• Maintain personal hygiene standards and follow up the weekly pest control.
4. Training and development :
• Provide guidance to a team of production visual inspectors and assistance.
• Train personnel and provide direction.
5. Reporting :
• Reporting, daily, monthly and yearly quality control report.
• Compile shift quality log.
• Report any machinery malfunction to the line supervisors and help take corrective actions and process improvement.
• Compile statistical data and write reports as necessary to summarize quality findings by using SPCs or excel.
• Hazard analysis and critical control points before they occur and work to avoid them (HACCP), ensure plant complies with quality systems such as ISO,HACCP,GMP.
6. Team enhancement :
• Operate as part of the plant team to ensure meeting the set production to quality targets.
7. Release the final products. 8. Control and acts on customer complaints.
9. Maintain, and modify if necessary, the procedures, work instructions and Quality Documentation.
10. Assists with developing and maintaining an unusual occurrence procedure prepares action-taken reports. Create; Establish/maintain all nonconformities and preventive actions.
11. Conduct QA compliance audits of products and processes and leading the internal team auditors.
12. Direct and coordinate compliance with all applicable standards.
13. Review product and process non-conformance and recommend remedial actions including the modifications of processes, products.
14. Develop QA plans and other required process control procedures to insure processes, work in progress and finished goods meet the specified quality standards.
15. Perform incoming material inspection and report accordingly.


  • • A good user of computer – MS office package.
  • • Ability to work with team, Under Stress.
  • • Communication effectively, Patient and Active.
  • • Problems solving ability and build work team.
  • • Planning & organizing ability and gain new skills


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