samer aljarrah

السيرة الذاتية منشورة بواسطة sameraljarrah في أمن.
الراتب المطلوب: $2,000.00
نوع الوظيفة المرغوب بها:دوام كامل
مكان السكن: عمان الأردن


Jordanian Armed Forces ( 1993 to 2007)
Job Title: Personal facilities + Shooting coach

-Jordanian Armed Forces (2007 until 2013)
Job Title: Director of the Office of the Inspector General

-Tharwa Middle East Investment (2013 / present)
Job Title: Personal Assistant

-Knights for Taekwondo (2010 to 2014)
Job Title: Fitness coach


high school


1993 to 2000

Worked as a professional personal escort for the general commander of the armed forces. The main responsibilities that entrusted to me were to secure close protection all times in all places for him including inside and outside the country. Also follow up the information security, vehicles and the headquarters that the commander where there.
and i also entrusted to escort the VIP guests even civilians or military from all countries since they arrived to the airport until they leave including close security and following up in all fields such as ( information security , vehicles security , buildings , arranging meetings , restaurants, hotels and ……etc.

2000 to 2007

Worked as a professional personal escort for a prestigious Lady .to secure close protection all times in all places for her including inside and outside the country and also manage all her personal matters such as ( Restaurant reservation , hotels , aviation , purchases ……etc. beside managing all matters related to the palace.
2007 to 2013

Director of the general inspector office The main responsibilities were:
– Office management including arrange meetings, conference, follow up the mails, archiving files and receiving calls.
– managing and following up and monitor the process of entry and exit to and from the command Building (auditors and staff).
– follow up the maintaining group of information, persons and vehicles for the staff inside the command and also prepare the reports about any Negligence or breach of the law.
– follow up the group that cover and read the reflection on circulars and orders that issued by the leadership and give a feedback reports about it.
– arranging the entering of the vehicles to the command building and being sure it passes from the x ray devices.
– arrange special guest’s matters and ensure their safety till they finish the visit.
– managing the prison affairs and the visit of the prisoners.
– follow and monitor the special security team who is responsible to give protection for all entrance and exit in the command building
– participate in preparing the annual emergency plan to cope with possible disasters (natural or unnatural)
– managing the workers in the monitoring and control rooms (cameras) to ensure complete readiness and controlling.
– investigate all internal issues related to the workers affairs inside the command.
2013 until now

Working as a personal assistant for a Jordanian businessman (Mr. khalid shaheen ) the tasks entrusted to me were to secure personal protection and escort him inside and outside the country. Arranging all his personal issues such as meetings, hotels, contacts, restaurant reservations, …..etc. follow up the security team inside the company and the villa, managing and directing the administration affairs for the workers in the villa , managing all cars driver issues in the company and villa . Managing his public and private events and every related thing that he orders me to do.
2010 to 2014

Work as a Fitness trainer in several training centers for fighting and self-defense and fitness.


  • 1- have the self- motivation to work
  • 2- organized
  • 3- Good axes
  • 4- Ability to work under pressure
  • 5- The ability to make decisions
  • 6- Maintaining confidentiality
  • 7- Excellent organization skills
  • 8- Communication skills and continue excellent verbal and written
  • 9- Bright and confident personality
  • 10- Stylish and very clean and the owner of tactless appearance
  • 11- Fitness and healthy body Excellent
  • 12- The ability to work without supervision
  • 13- Willing to travel at any time



المنظمات والمجموعات

    Independence Medal of the fifth degree (blessings of His Majesty

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