mechanical engineer

السيرة الذاتية منشورة بواسطة daqamseh في الهندسية.

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senior, maintenance and sales mechanical engineer with 11 years experience


• 2000-2005: Bachelor of mechanical engineering specialize in thermal power, July 2005.
• GPA: good rating, from mechanical engineering department in Jordan University of Science and Technology.
• 1999-2000: Tawjehi science certificate, grade score 86.7 %.
• My graduated project is about “effect of inlet conditions on a pressure history inside a tank upon filling”.
• Training in the Ministry of Public Works for a year.


– Training in the ministry of public works for a year.

– Experience for 10 years and 6 months as senior, maintenance and sales engineer in Jordan Armed Forces (JAF).

• Maintenance and repair of diesel and gasoline engines.
• Dealing with modern machinery and repair systems for the diagnosis of each mechanism through your computer.
• Perform preventive maintenance and switch filters for all types of vehicles.
• Diagnosis of failures and repair them.
• Perform quality control and quality assurance operations.
• Dealing with public safety and industrial security tools.
• Qualifying technicians theoretically and effectively through intensive courses to do their job.
• Preparing and sending warranty claims to manufacturers.
• Supervision of storage operations for mechanisms pieces.
• Conduct rescue and evacuation mechanisms and uploaded and downloaded operations.
• Preparing and sending technical and maintenance reports to the customers.
• Decoder and installation of major and sub groups and spare parts for the mechanisms and repair.


  • • Ability to design, estimate, and self-work.
  • • Good leadership and management skills.
  • • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • • Self-Motivated and career driven with good moral character.
  • • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • • Problem diagnostics.
  • • Ability to negotiate.
  • • Ability to Work under Pressure.
  • • Work alone or in a Team.

المنظمات والمجموعات

    • A member in Jordan Engineers Association.

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