General Accountant CV – Mostafa Al Qady

السيرة الذاتية منشورة بواسطة m-alqady في المحاسبة.
الراتب المطلوب: $350.00
نوع الوظيفة المرغوب بها:أي اختيار
مكان السكن: حلوان محافظة القاهرة‬, مصر


I interested in obtaining this vacancy .I see it’s as a good challenge to me, so I have outlined some background information about myself below for your consideration. I have a good experience in accounting and finance business field more than seven years with medium experience in directing ,planning and budgeting activities . I took up multiple functions in the field of accounting ,starting from accountant under training and now I occupancy general accountant for more than 3 years in the last two company, this added to me good experiences, whether professional or technical. Participation in developing financial report system, Assists the financial controller in preparing and following up carrying out the budget at the last three years. I’ve really know the meaning of work under pressure and I can work under pressure. Finally Sir, If you give me this chance I can guarantee the wholehearted in carrying out all the tasks will entrust to me.


Bachelor of Commerce from Faculty of commerce ,Cairo university.
Graduation year 2008.


Al Masrya for housing & construction From February 2013 till now.
General accountant.
▪Participation in developing chart of accounts and financial report system “this by Increase financial reports with keeping It regular and add statistical and comparative reports”.
▪Participation in creating and developing simple internal auditing system.
▪Assists the financial controller in control and solve cash problems ,by create strong and effective Communication channels with the various sides departments “internal & external “.
▪Assists the financial controller in preparing and following up carrying out the budget in financial terms and achieve the company strategic goals of in financial terms.
▪Assists the financial controller in comparison between alternatives “projects” ,and methods of funding and send recommendations to top management.
▪Compared budgeted with actual and Identifying deviations ,with discussed causes & solutions with the financial controller.
▪Prepare reports from statistical and financial information according to stated schedules ,so that all required Information is available for review in a timely manner.
▪Approve of the monthly trial balance, financial reports, verify of correctness balances before submitted to the financial controller.
▪Coordination with the projects implementation management in monthly payments.
▪Preparing monthly cash inflows and following up collecting the installments.
▪Prepare non-routine financial data as requested in order to support management decision making.
▪Preparation and processing of all items and documents related to tax return for the fiscal year.
▪Identify, investigate and rectify routine errors and anomalies in input data in order to ensure accuracy of financial Information.
▪Follow up company’s balance at different banks ,to pay company’s obligations to the different parties and reviews the daily bank account and the daily cash movement.
▪Supervising the checks issued by or to the company.
▪Making Inventory sudden treasury and its conformity with the balance notebook.
▪Review supporting documents for accuracy and signatures on all cash vouchers and checks.
▪Direct supervision daily issued vouchers and approved it before they submitted to the financial controller.
▪Ensure of adequacy supporting documents and the correctness of the accounting Guidance and distribution of work and tasks between the accountants.
The Egyptian GMC company From January 2011 To January 2013.
NG Mobile sector
General accountant.
▪Participation in developing financial report system for sector by increase number and effective of reports, From just Only one daily report to 4 daily reports and 6 monthly reports with its analysis and keeping its regular and effective.
▪Using excel program to creating accounting and store programs to enter and recording data.
▪Assists the financial controller in develop chart of accounts.
▪Assists the financial controller in the overall financial operations of the sector.
▪Assists the financial controller in preparing balance sheet “annual”, income statement “monthly”, and preparation of various accounting reports.
▪Preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted to actual in financial terms .
▪Prepare reports from statistical and financial information according to stated schedules so that all required Information is available for review in a timely manner.
▪Assist and analyzing financial statements on a monthly basis and report on variances.
▪Prepares special financial reports and summarizes financial status by collecting analyzing summarizing accounts information
▪Following up letters of credit and calculate & analysis cost of import shipments.
▪Handling the complete accounting cycle, including opening, posting entries and closing of accounts.
▪Communicate ,coordination and assists in the preparation of various financial information provided to external auditors.
▪Prepare monthly bank reconciliations and following up any matters pending in the reconciliations.
▪Following stock control for mobile & spare parts with making “sudden and regular” Inventory.
▪Prepare non-routine financial data as requested in order to support management decision-making.
▪Prepare monthly Payroll for sector’s staff including tax and social insurance payments.
▪Modify and create various financial models for new and existing activities.
▪Supervising the checks issued by or to the company.
▪Prepare the quarterly sales tax declaration.
▪Review and split all payments and exchange cash according to exchange limit.
▪Following daily customers indebtedness, credit limit and credit time.
▪Prepare journal entries and analyze and reconcile accounts.

AL Atrees company for From July 2008 To December 2010.
Operating & forming steel
Customers & payable Accountant.
▪Overcoming about 20 % of cash problems ,by prepare and follow monthly cash plan report, that led to increase in monthly revenue about 12%.
▪Create communication channels with customers, that led to reduce average discounts that give to customers from 105,000 to 30,000 with building and develop strong customer database.
▪Raise the efficiency of the collection department and increase the percentage of collections15%
▪Participation in prepare trial balance before adjustments, adjustments entries and financial statements “income statement and balance sheet “.
▪Preparing monthly cash plan and discuss it with vice chairman with making wanted modifications and Following carry out the cash plan and definite & report on variances.
▪Prepare monthly trial balance and be sure of correctness of balances.
▪Analysis and split all expenses with prepare expenses comparative report.
▪Handling all accounts payable payments.
– Reviews the “Daily Bank Book” and the “Daily Cash Movement” and Prepare monthly bank reconciliation.
▪Matches and reviewing the daily cash depositions at bank to the lists prepared.
▪Reporting to the vice chairman statistics about company’s customers, company’s sales , sellers sales and monthly payments “comparative reports”.
▪Following stock control of steel and car’s spare parts by review weekly stock balances in main store and branch’s stores with making sudden Inventory and regular Inventory .
▪Participation in handling and report about customer’s database.
▪Prepare customer invoices and follow up on account receivables , make sure the collections on time.
▪Following change orders from customers ,approving change Invoices for them and helping other sections in solving collection problems.
▪Following daily customer’s indebtedness, customer’s credit time and following collection department.
▪Ensuring that customer’s problems have been dealt with in an efficient manner.
▪Count of sales commotions on monthly basis.
▪Prepare daily Journal entries and enter it on computer system (oracle database).


  • Skills
  • Personal skills►
  • – Ability to analyze and prepare reports and solve problems.
  • – Organize and present ideas effectively.
  • – Ability to learn new tasks Quickly.
  • – Communication and negotiation skills.
  • – Executive tasks in target Time with time management.
  • – Ability to work independently, with little supervision.
  • – Coordinating with people with different backgrounds.
  • – Excellent Filling & Archiving Skills.
  • – Work in and through team Work.
  • – Ability to work under stress.
  • Technical skills►
  • – Prepare financial statements.
  • – Prepare trial balance and
  • Close accounts.
  • – Making Inventory
  • – Prepare financial reports
  • Accounting programs skills►
  • Ability To dealing with prepared programs and have knowledge by some prepared programs such as
  • – Fidelio (F& B Back Office)
  • – Oracle
  • – ERB
  • Computer skills►
  • – Microsoft windows – Excellent.
  • – Linux system – Good.
  • – Internet applications – Excellent.
  • – Excel – Excellent.
  • – Word – Very Good.
  • – outlook – Very Good.
  • – PowerPoint – Good.



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